Shower Steamers

Shower steamers, packed with essential oils, fizz when in contact with water to release the aroma while the steam from the shower carries the scent up. Not only are they great for aromatherapy, but they’re also a great way to naturally scent your bathroom. The strength of the aroma, and how long the shower steamer will last, depends on where it is placed in the shower. Under direct water flow, the steamer will dissolve quickly and release a stronger aroma. Placed away from direct water, the steamer will last longer and release a milder aroma. They can also be placed in our organic cotton drawstring bags and hung from the shower head.

Directions: Place the shower steamers on the shower floor in direct stream of water for a stronger, faster release of aroma, or away from direct water, but where it will still get wet (e.g., back of shower, on a ledge, or hung from the shower head) for a more mild and slower release of aroma. As the steam builds and rises, it will carry up the essential oil aroma. For shower use only.

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