Bath Color Changing Duo!


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This gift set is super fun!  It’s great for kids, too, and can serve as a science experiment/learning opportunity.  The Orange Hibiscus Bath Tea on it’s own will produce a beautiful pinkish-purple color (natural colorant!) that won’t stain your tub.  However, when an alkali is added, such as baking soda from one of our bath bombs, the bath water changes to a purlply-blue color.  This gift set includes one jar of our Orange Hibiscus Bath Tea, a mesh drawstring bag for easy cleanup, and a Bath Bomb of your choice in a box with kraft crinkle-cut paper filler.  Please specify which bath bomb you would like when you check out!


Orange Hibiscus Bath Tea Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Fair Trade Organic Hibiscus Flowers, and Essential Oils (Orange & Palmarosa).

How to use: Place desired amount of the bath tea into the mesh drawstring bag, pull string to close, and drop into your bath water (or have it loose in your bath water).  Allow botanical to infuse and color the water.  Add the bath bomb to change the color of the water and add fizz.  When finished, simply remove the used botanicals, rinse out the bag, and hang it to dry for the next use.

Caution: Hibiscus petals may stain your bathtub, so remove the petals promptly after draining your tub. Tub may become slippery. Avoid eyes. Discontinue use with any adverse reaction. Please be aware of essential oil safety – especially for children and pregnant/nursing women.

Each jar contains 8 ounces.

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